SEAL-AA3 Autoanalyzer

SEAL AA3 AutoAnalyzer The SEAL AutoAnalyzer3 High Resolution (AA3HR) is the new generation of the original Technicon™ AutoAnalyzer II — focusing on maintaining its reputation of high quality and reliability. A basic SFA system consists of an autosampler, a peristaltic pump, a chemistry manifold, a detector and data acquisition software. Sample and reagents are pumped continuously through the chemistry manifold. Air bubbles are introduced at regular intervals forming unique reaction segments which are mixed using glass coils. Glass is ideal, as it is inert, stays clean and enables easy visual checks. In SFA, all reactions run to completion. The ratio of sample to reagents in the detector reaches a constant maximum value – the steady-state condition. This ensures maximum sensitivity resulting in lowest detection limits and exceptional reproducibility. Variations in reaction time, temperature and sample matrix do not affect the results as they do in other colorimetric techniques, such as flow injection analysis, where the reaction is not brought to completion. Higher analysis rates and lower reagent consumption are achieved with bubblethrough-the-flowcell operation. It also makes the system easy to use. The linear range is increased for most methods by the flowcell design with planar end faces and fiber-optic coupling which ensures parallel light transmission through the flowcell. The AA3 HR is a macroflow system, the internal diameter of all glassware being 2 mm. This enables more complex and non-homogenous sample matrices to be run without clogging. The AA3 HR allows for long reaction times as well as the automation of inline distillation, UV digestion and other complex procedures. Most methods run at 60-70 samples hour.