Marine Pathology

Marine Pathology data

In our screening programme, we are conducting essential, novel studies concerning pathogen emergence and disease transmission between aquatic animals in the easternmost Mediterranean Sea. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies, this research is expected to generate original knowledge about marine biology, marine ecology, and public health issues. Subsequently, we expect to have a sound perspective of flagship marine animal health status in the near future. We strongly believe that this will lead to an improved understanding of the origins and spread of viruses in aquaculture, and will assist us to better understand the molecular basis of fish viruses.

Our Data:

We are examining pathogen transmission in the sea by routinely collecting marine fish and shellfish from various locations along Israeli Mediterranean coast, and from the offshore finfish aquaculture farms. We receive fish specimens from fishing boats and special surveys performed by us and by our collaborators, and other sources. In some cases, we know the exact location of the samples (fish) that we receive, and sometimes we only know their general geographical description. Necropsy is performed on each of the animals, including a pathological inspection, parasitological examination, and tissue collection. Molecular screening of animal tissue will be used to detect selected pathogens.

Data collection over a number of years will enable us to assess the health status of selected marine fish species, and the results will be used to demonstrate the potential for the transmission of viruses and bacteria from wild fish to farmed fish, and vice versa. The data presented here is raw data that is further analyzed in the laboratory for specific projects. Currently we are still evaluating a few screening methods and different molecular tools hence the data accessible here is in some cases partial and not complete.  

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