The Israeli Dolphins and whales’ catalogue

The Israeli dolphins and whales’ catalogue collates data from our surveys since 2005 when digital cameras were incorporated into our protocols in Israel. 

Dolphins are classified as residents when they have been sighted on five or more occasions. Visitors are classified as being sighted less than five times.

The study area is divided into three regions- North (N), from the Israeli-Lebanon maritime border to Hof-HaCarmel; Centre (C), from Hof-HaCarmel to Palmachim; and South (S), from Palmachim to the northern border of Gaza. Sex is determined only when photographs of the genital area can be seen on the photograph or when an adult was consistently accompanied by a calf and was assumed to be female.

We would like to thank all photographers who contributed to the Israeli dolphin and whales’ catalogue: Aviad Scheinin, Yaly Mevorach, Kim Kobo, Ori Galili, Meytal Markovich, Mia Elasar, Oz Goffman, Yair Golan, Guy Lavian, Liron Samuels, Shahar Alterman, Moshe Dahan, and Amir Ben Dov.