Dr. Yaron Bogin

Dr. Yaron Bogin

Academic Education:

B.A – Psychology and east asian studies – Hebrew University in Jerusalem (1996-2000)

B.Sc – Life Sciences – Tel Aviv University (2001-2003)

PhD – Biomedical Studies – Technion (2003-2009)


Yaron is passionate about connecting people and raising funds for accelerating impactful technological innovations, from idea to market. Yaron gained over 10 years of experience in developing and commercializing innovative medtech and foodtech technologies from the Technion, particularly in technology and business development roles at Technion Technology Transfer (T3), the Alfred Mann Institute at the Technion (AMIT), a medtech innovation hub, and at Accellta, a startup developing stem cell technologies.

Yaron also advanced alternative protein (cell- and plant-based meat replacement) innovations and ecosystem with aim to reduce animal suffering, greenhouse gas emissions, pollution and land/water overuse, as a managing director of two non-profit organizations, the Modern Agriculture Foundation and the Good Food Institute, Israel, and was active in organizing animal rights activities, including the largest animal rights rally in world. 

Current Research:

He is currently collaborating with academic researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, industry and government professionals to advance bluetech and sustainable agriculture innovations and to help grow this ecosystem, and mostly enjoys traveling and beach vacations.