tal zvi - kedem

Tal Zvi – Kedem



Deep sea Bacteria at Hydrocarbon rich Cold seeps.

Academic Education

Towards a Ph.D. in marine biology at the Faculty of Marine Sciences at the University of Haifa. Research on deep sea microorganisms. Led by Prof. Dan TChernov and Dr. Maxim Robin Blum (ILOR).

Haifa University’s M.Sc. in Marine Biology at the Faculty of Marine Sciences. Characterization of bacterial populations in sediment under anthropogenic influences. Led by Prof. Dan TChernov.

Ben-Gurion University’s B.Sc. in Marine Biology and Biotechnology.

Current Research:

In her Ph.D., Tal is working on deep-sea chemosynthetic ecosystems offshore Israel, at the recently discovered palmachim cold seeps. Tal is looking in to trophic webs and animal-bacteria symbioses. The research redefines our understanding of the richness and diversity of species in the deep Mediterranean Sea, and the contribution of this environment to the food web and biogeochemical processes.


Zvi-Kedem, T., Vintila, S., Kleiner, M., Tchernov, D. and Rubin-Blum, M., 2023. Metabolic handoffs between multiple symbionts may benefit the deep-sea bathymodioline mussels. ISME communications3(1), p.48.

Zvi‐Kedem, T., Shemesh, E., Tchernov, D. and Rubin‐Blum, M., 2021. The worm affair: fidelity and environmental adaptation in symbiont species that co‐occur in vestimentiferan tubeworms. Environmental Microbiology Reports13(5), pp.744-752.