Blood Slide Data

As part of our long-term monitoring of sharks in Hadera, we take blood from the caudal fin through venipuncture. Around 10 μl of blood is used to make a blood slide (also called smear), which is stained using Diff Quick. The cells are then analysed through a microscope at 40 or 100x resolution, and a simple White Blood Differential (WBC count) is calculated (types and amount of wbc in the blood).
If you’d like to conduct your own analysis, please download this free software to view the slides at 40x resolution. 
The folders of slide images are available by Google Drive here: link.
You can download the contextual data here. To help your analysis, you may use it to link the slide number to the shark that was sampled (species, sex, morphometrics).
If you have any questions, please contact Dr Leigh Livne for more information.
Blood from a Shark