Anat Tsemel

Anat Tsemel

Academic Education:

  • BSc – Marine Science and Environment, Hebrew University, Israel (1997-1999)
  • MSc – Marine Ecology, Maritime Civilizations, Haifa University, Israel (2001-2003)
  • PhD Candidate –Marine Ecology, Leon Charney School of Marine Sciences,  Haifa University, Israel (2023-)


Anat is an ecologist, following the status of rocky littoral for a decade.  She led the development and adaptation of the Ocean Health Index of the Israeli Mediterranean.  At the Morris Kahn Marine Research Station, she works with Professor Michael Krom and created a top-notch nutrient analysis lab.  

Current Research:

Anat is currently working on the long-term monitoring of nutrient content in the Israeli Mediterranean coastal waters, as well as follow-up on the status of batoid communities in Gedor reserve, and the surrounding reefs. Her PhD thesis focuses on the ecology of the Israeli rocky reefs up to the mesophotic zone.


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