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    Debra (Debi) Ramon

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    M.Sc Candidate



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    Debi grew up in California along the Pacific Ocean, and from a young age has been fascinated by the ocean.  In high school she volunteered at her local aquarium (Heal the Bay Aquarium, Santa Monica), where she became involved in marine conservation and education.  Today she is interested in topics related to anthropogenic impacts on the environment, leading to her current research on marine plastic pollution. 

    Current Research:

    Debi is currently studying microplastic consumption by marine biota off of Israeli coastal waters.  Microplastics, plastic particles smaller than 5 mm in size, have been recognized in recent years a major environmental problem.  Her research involves three major components; 1) assessing the microplastic to plankton mass ratio, 2) investigating whether fish are consuming microplastics, and 3) incorporating filter feeders as bioindicators.  The significance of such research is to give insight as to how humans have been directly affecting their marine environment. 

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