Dr. Ziv Zemah Shamir

    ziv zemah shamir


    Apex predator


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     Academic Education:

    • BSc – Biology, The University of Haifa, Faculty of Natural Sciences at Oranim, Israel (1996-2000)
    • MA – Natural Resources and Environmental Management, University of Haifa, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management (2000-2002)

    PhD – Marine Biology, University of Haifa, Israel (2016-Present)

    Current Research:

    Ziv is currently researching attraction and rejection factors of shark behavior in the Eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea.  The Israeli coast has become a major habitat for the Mediterranean shark population, especially due to human activity of hot water release from power stations as well as aquaculture cages.  The main goal is to identify the relevant dimensions and factors of the attraction or rejection of sharks and to determine the base line of conditional learning of the sharks' populations. In addition to tagging conducted by the Top Predator team, acoustic infrastructures will be set up to monitor the movement of the sharks - day and night.

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