Tal Ben Ezra

    Tal Ben Ezra


    Water Chemistry



    Project: Nutrient Limitation Dynamics in the Israeli Shelf

    Academic Education:
    - BSc – Marine Biology, Ruppin Academic Center (Michmoret),
    Israel (2013-2016)
    - MSc – Marine Biology, University of Haifa, Israel (2017-Present)

    Tal has recently started her masters with Professor Mike Krom and is part of the Marine
    Chemistry Laboratory at the station. During her bachelors, she found interest in taking a closer
    look at the chemical characteristics of the sea and translating them into large scale processes.
    By doing so, it allows for a better understanding of the system that clearly effect our lives as
    individuals living on this blue planet.

    Current Research:
    Tal is working on creating a reliable data set of the nutrients on the Israeli shelf and using a
    sensitive APA bioassay to define the limiting nutrient dynamics in the coastal environment.

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