Stephane Martinez

    Stephane MartinezMarine Biologist

    PhD Candidate

    Rocky Reef Monitoring Manager


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    Station Duties:

    Stephane manages the Rocky Reef Long Term Ecological Research project, running the program according to scientific committee decisions. Additionally, he is responsible for leading the deep dive expedition team, database management, training new divers for CCR and scientific diving, writing scientific reports, and building and designing long term ecological research together with the scientific committee.

    Project: Invertebrates and Algal Monitoring on the Rocky Reefs

    Academic Education:

    • BSc – Marine Sciences and Ocean Environment, Ruppin Academic Center (Michmoret), Israel (2001-2004)
    • MSc (cum laude)– Ecology and Environmental Quality, Tel Aviv University, Israel (2006-2008)
    • PhD – Marine Biology, University of Haifa, Israel (2011-Present)


    Stephane always has loved the sea and has a passion to explore and learn more about it.  He started SCUBA diving when he was 16 and hasn’t been able to stop.  Today, he is an experienced technical diver with thousands of logged dives.  Such skills have been a major asset not only to his research, but to others as well.  Stephane has assisted in research on dives studying mesophotic zones, as well as technical equipment replacement of sensors along mooring lines.

    Current Research:

    Currently, Stephane’s research focuses on the state of the Mediterranean Sea’s food web, both past and present. He conducts this research by means of compound specific stable isotope (GC-MS-IRMS) from fish collected from the field and compares it to samples taken from archived museum collections. Understanding the food web gives the basic knowledge of processes taking place in the ocean.  As such, it gives insight to what changes are taking place on the marine ecosystem due to anthropogenic activity. 


    Siboni, Nachshon, Stephane Martinez, Avigdor Abelson, Alex Sivan, and Ariel Kushmaro. "Conditioning film and initial biofilm formation on electrochemical CaCO3 deposition on a metallic net in the marine environment." Biofouling 25, no. 7 (2009): 675-683.

    Martinez, Stephane, and Avigdor Abelson. "Coral recruitment: the critical role of early post-settlement survival." ICES Journal of Marine Science 70, no. 7 (2013): 1294-1298.

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