Fish Survey

    The rocky reef habitat of Israeli coastline rich and diverse, and abundant in marine resources for our country. It functions as a stable habitat to algae, invertebrates, and fish, however, our knowledge of this magnificent habitat is quite limited and, until now, the research scope has been limited. Since 2014, we are collecting data on the reefs of Achziv, Naharia and Sdot Yam at three different depth levels (10, 25 and 45 meters), and recently we added the sites of Ashdod and Ashkelon, sampling at 30 meters depth. We intend to follow changes in space and time at our coastline. We hope that this knowledge will encourage researchers to investigate this habitat and will serve as a good baseline for further research, to enhance our knowledge of the marine ecosystem and apply this towards effective policy in Israel.

    Our data

    We collect community data on fish using 25m line transects. Data is collected using GoPro camera which records the CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather) diver voice. Each visual observation is recorded for species, size and distance from the line. We are conducting 4 transects at each site. The videos are analyzed in the lab.

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    Shai Einbinder

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