Trimix qualification program

    We are pleased to announce that we now have the ability to certify scientists with a CCR (Close Circuit Rebreather) Megalodon rebreather up to Normoxic level (to 60 m).

    CCR gives scientists the ability to conduct research dives with almost no time limitations and up to their level of qualification in terms of depth and gas mixtures.

    Congratulations to our new certified researchers!

    • Dr. Tali Mass and Dr. Beverly Goodman from the University of Haifa on the Normoxic certification
    • Ofir Hameiri, the IUI's Dive Safety Officer, on his Normoxic certification.
    • Hagai Nativ, the media manager of MKMRS on his Trimix certification  (any gas, any depth).

    We want to thank Dennis from ISC Europe for coming to Israel to conduct the course and impart his vast knowledge.

    Dr. Tali Mass at a depth of 60m on Meg15 Rebreather

    Trimix course graduates from the University of Haifa

    Megalodon CCR

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