Food from the sea

    Food from the sea

    The series of yearly conferences on the Mediterranean Sea Research, now in its 7th year, have so far focused on historical, geological, geophysical and the Mediterranean deep sea research. This year’s conference, entitled "Food from the Sea" will focus on the fauna and flora of the oceans and their potential in providing food security for future generations.

    The conference will take place on 14-15 January 2020 at the Hecht Museum Auditorium, University of Haifa campus on Mt. Carmel (300 people capacity) and will be open to the general public. The conference will feature world acknowledged experts, Israeli scientists, producers and stakeholders of the commercial sector with affinities to seaweed, fish and shellfish production. The conference concept was perceived by Prof. Ilana Berman-Frank, Head of the Leon Charney School of Marine Sciences, and scientifically organized by the Department of Marine Biology, Morris Kahn Marine Research Station.

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