Save the date! 2nd International Conference

    The Morris Kahn Marine Research Station is proud to host a 2-day conference, overlooking the Mediterranean. The conservation of the eastern Mediterranean Sea is of utmost importance and a key concern of the station. Our researchers strive to consistently explore and monitor our corner of the Med, in order to provide high-resolution baseline data which decision makers can translate into real measures to preserve the biodiversity and functions. 

    This conference is a summation of 4 years of the station's work. We are delighted that Mr Morris Kahn will be present to open this conference, as well as the President of the University of Haifa. 
    The station has invited 5 international guest speakers: Professor Barbara Block, Professor Philippe van Cappellen, Professor Dr Ute Hentschel Humeida, Dr David Gruber, and Dr Frances Gulland. 
    The station will also celebrate the life and scientific contributions of Professor (Emeritus) Michael Krom, who celebrates his 70th birthday in March - there will be a celebratory session in his honour, with honourary talks. 
    We hope to see you at the conference! 
    For tickets and registration click here, and for full conference details click here

    save date  2nd International conference

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